Est. 2011

I met my husband in 2007. We fell in love in 2008. He asked me to be his wife in 2010. We tied the knot in June 2011.

In our 6 years of marriage we have moved from one side of the state of Oregon to the other, we’ve lived in four different apartments, and had four different roommates (at one point living with his parents for 4 months). My husband drove the same car for 8 years, until we finally bought our first car together in October 2016. We’ve overcome financial struggles, and together have worked 9 different jobs (most being part time). We love road trips. We’ve driven from Portland, OR to Salt Lake City, UT — Klamath Falls, OR to San Francisco, CA — Myrtle Creek, OR to Seattle, WA — back and forth from college in Klamath Falls to home in Myrtle Creek — up and down the Oregon Coast — We’ve flown to Mexico, Utah, and Southern California. We bond over music, and have seen several concerts starting with local concerts back in our home town. Blink – 182 in Seattle, Eric Church and Garth Brooks in Portland, Fall Out Boy at the Expo Center, we’ve been to Warped Tour several years in a row, and have seen many other concerts at the Crystal Ballroom, the Roseland theater, and the Wonder Ballroom. My husband is an avid hunter, and tries to get out and fish as much as he can. I tag along sometimes only to get out of the city and get into the fresh air of the country.

For as long as I can remember I don’t think we have ever ran out of things to talk about. There is always a new question, or a new what if. We constantly talk about our future and where we see ourselves in years to come. It’s always with one another, but sometimes in new places doing and trying new things. I can say that we haven’t always had it easy, and we’ve worked very hard to become the people we are now. We have worked hard to have the love, and the bond that we do as a couple. As I look around at the walls of our apartment I’m reminded by the pictures that hang there that we have done and accomplished so much in our life together. I couldn’t imagine trying to go through this life alone or with someone else. I think we both can say that… We fell in love at 17, and knew from that point on we would always be together and be best friends forever.

I’m writing this blog about our life and our family. It’s about the ups and down, the troubles and triumphs we have and will face. It’s about our new babies coming into this world this year, and the way we will parent them and love them. It will tell you how much we have grown and will grow in the years to come. It’s about love, family, and forever, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it.

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