Magical Movement

The first time I felt the babies move was probably around 13 or 14 weeks. I felt Easton squirming around maybe every couple of days or so. It felt like little flutters, and I loved it! I couldn’t wait to start feeling these little babies move. I think that’s the first question I asked when I found out I was pregnant. 

After we lost Easton I didn’t feel movement for a couple of weeks. I was devastated. I was so use to feeling those flutters that when they were gone, it was like every trace of him had disappeared. I didn’t have another ultrasound until about a week and a half after we lost him. So of course not being able to feel my babies scared me. Everyday I would concentrate very hard to see If I felt anything. I would push on my belly to see if anything helped. I was so stressed until we finally had our ultrasound, and i saw that we still had two babies alive and well. 

The first time I ever felt Elijah move I cried. It was just a flutter, but I knew it was him. I was scared I was never going to feel him because his amniotic sac was so large and so full of fluid he could roll completely over or into a new position without even touching the walls around him. So in my mind it was kind of like “Wow, things are getting better.” It was a little flash if hope for the rest of my pregnancy. 

I was maybe 21.5 weeks when I finally felt more then flutters from my little bundles of joy. I had felt little tummy twitches for about 4 days before I knew what they were exactly. We had a doctor appointment, and the ultrasound tech had asked if I had felt them move. I explained what was going on, and what I had felt before we lost our tough guy. She started to describe to us what she felt when she was pregnant, and she compared it to muscle twitches. When I got home I kept my hand on my stomach for most of the day. I wanted to see if mine were just “muscle twitches” or if it was really my babies moving. It was later in the afternoon when I started to feel these “twitches” again. I immediately placed my hand on my stomach where I was feeling them, and pushed down. When I felt something push back I was stunned. I picked my hand up so fast, and just started crying. Again, another glimmer of hope on my complicated pregnancy. 

I’m now 23.5 weeks and their kicks are getting stronger everyday. Nicholas had finally been able to feel them a couple days after I did. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. It always makes me so happy to see him excited about the babies, and I think it became even more real for us when we started to bond over their movements. Last night we felt the strongest kicks we have ever felt from Elijah. It wasn’t just little bumps here, and there. It was literally like he was playing soccer in my belly. It was another emotional moment for us. 

As these babies get bigger and stronger it becomes more and more real that they are healthy and growing. That in just a few months they will be here in our arms. This journey has been hard from the beginning, and things are finally getting easier. Our little miracles are alive and well, and we can’t wait for the day we can hold them in our arms. 

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