What do you do for fun?

Living in Portland, OR can be fun, especially now that I have two little humans who love interacting with other little humans and exploring new places.

It took me awhile to finally feel comfortable to go out with twins. They were around 8 or 9 months when I decided that it was time to start interacting with other moms and their babies. It was quite overwhelming for me the first time out. I was so use to having help with the kids that I couldn’t imagine what it was going to be like to do things by myself… out in public… like what if they started crying at the same time? How was I going to control both of them and calm them down? Well it turns out I didn’t really need to worry about those things. Come to find out, my kids LOVED being out and about, and because they loved it so much the only time I had an issue was when we were getting ready to leave. I also only take them out before or after nap time. I learned that the hard way.

Where do you take your babies?:

The Oregon Zoo:

I started our exploring out with simple trips to the zoo (with family of course). It was an easy place to take my 8 month olds in the summer. All I did was strap them in the stroller and go! Plus I got some good exercise in while pushing a good 40lbs of stroller and babies up and down hills. The more often we went the more intrigued they became by the animals.

I love taking my twins to the zoo. My father in law bought us a zoo membership which is so awesome! With the type of membership we have my husband and I get in free, plus one adult guest, and any children under 3 get in for free as well! We also have a photo pass for those great pictures they take of you when you first enter the zoo. With this pass, they upload the pictures they take to a website where you can print, save, and share your photos!


My mother in law bought us an OMSI membership back in November. I was surprised to find out there was something there for my littles to do! They have a whole closed in room for kids 0-6 years, and my twins LOVE IT!

They each have their favorite spot. Emery loves the magnet wall where she can take all of the plastic letter magnets off the board. Elijah loves the little forest exhibit that they have. Where he can walk into caves and nests, but also play with raccoon hand puppets and giant squishy acorns! There is also an infant area for crawlers and smaller to have fun!

Munchkin Playland:

Ah, Munchkin Playland. I am so happy that we found this little indoor play area! Are your little ones under 42in tall? Yes? Then this is the place for you! Not only is it a little cafe with great drinks and food, but it is full of soft climbing toys for your little ones! I started taking Emery and Elijah here when they were still just crawling and cruising. Now that they’re a little more developed it is definitely a lot more fun! They can slide, climb, and crawl all over the place, and everything is pretty squishy soft and low to the ground so I don’t have to worry much about them getting hurt! The pricing is great too! Here is the link to their website so you can check it out for yourself:


We will literally spend hours here. That’s how much my kids love this place! They love sliding, climbing and making new friends! It’s also a wonderful place to interact with other moms!

Washington County Libraries:

Where we live we are anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes away from about 6 different libraries. Each library has storytimes for all ages starting from 0 to 6 years old! I started taking the kids to Library storytimes when they were around 10 months old. They love reading or being read to so I thought why not try it. So far we have been to two different storytimes: Book Babies and Fun for Ones. Book Babies is centered around babies 0-12 months. I took the twins to that one until they started walking. Fun for Ones is for kids ages, you guessed it, 12 to 24 months! In this area they walk, play with toys and other kids their age, read stories, and sing songs, and learn sign language. I love taking them to these storytimes. They have so much fun playing, and I get some much needed parent talk time with other moms and dads. The libraries also have other cool things to do! We went to a messy arts and crafts time and got to finger paint!

They also have PJ Storytimes, Dance Parties, and arts and crafts time for your older kids! I’ll post the link to the Washington County Libraries so you can check out different events:



Every Wednesday we go to a playgroup at our church. It’s another way we can get out and enjoy other people’s company. The kids get to play, and I get to have mom time!

There are so many different activities to do with your babies. You just have to get out there and look! As our twins get older I am so excited to start exploring more places with them! These are just a few things we get to enjoy with them here in Portland. I’m so grateful to live in an area that I can take our littles to do different things. It always feels so great to get them out of the house and doing something new, and it’s also a great breather for me.

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