Father’s Day Gifts Dads Actually Want

Father’s Day is just around the corner and what is it that you have planned for your baby daddy, and his useless nipples? If your answer is tools, a tie, or nothing then check out this list of great gifts!

I’ve collaborated with my husband to find out exactly what is something a dad actually wants or needs for Father’s Day.

I’ll quote my husband on this: “These are things every man wants, but never asks for.”

Trayvax Wallet

My husband actually owns this exact wallet & he LOVES it! He says it’s the best wallet he’s ever owned. It’s a very simple one slot wallet that you can carry in your back or front pocket. The one reason my husband wanted this wallet was because it fit in his front pocket so easily!


My husband normally carries at least two multi tools on him every day. At first, I thought he was ridiculous, but after needing and using these multi tools more than once, I’ve realized it’s not so bad to have these things handy!

Beard Trimmer

If you have a man who barely shaves his face all the way, then this is definitely for him! This beard trimmer is great! I bought this for my husband for Christmas last year, and he says it’s the best one he has ever owned! This bad boy helps keep his scruffyness in check, so that he doesn’t go looking full on homeless. I appreciate that part of this gift!


Okay, so I’m just going to come out and say it: this is one of the best inventions ever! This thing holds all of your keys, and can be slide right into your pocket! No more carrying that bulky key ring around! This thing is SIMPLE, just how most men like their things. GET HIM ONE OF THESE.

Digital Meat Thermometer

If your husband is big into grilling then this is definitely going to come in handy! This thermometer is great, and perfect for grilling! Check your meat the easy way! It’s also wireless!! You can check the temps of your meat without getting up a million times, and now there’s no more worry of possibly burning your food on the grill! Your husband will definitely appreciate this gift!

Socks & Underwear

Okay, so my husband gets socks and underwear for Christmas every year, but does yours? If not, this is exactly what he needs! Go through his dresser drawers and throw out those old underwear and socks, and fill them with new ones! I’m sure he’ll be grateful to pull out a few pairs that aren’t so holey!

His Favorite Cut of Meat for Grilling

How often do you have steaks? Better yet, how often do you have expensive, delicious steaks? Spoil your husband and get him his favorite cut of meat, and let him grill it his way! If you really want to spoil him, send the kids to a friends house and have your own mini date night at home! He’s grilling, your making sides, and no one is complaining. Now that sounds like a happy Father’s Day!

Movie Tickets/Date Night

Does he have a new action movie that he wants to see? Or does he have one that he ALWAYS watches? Well give the man what he wants! Once again, find a baby sitter and go out to a movie! Or better yet, stay in and cuddle on the couch! You can even do it after he grills that delicious steak dinner. Aren’t date nights wonderful?

Favorite Snacks & Drinks

Golden Oreos – CHECK Reeses Peanut Butter Cups – CHECK SunChips – CHECK Arizona Green Tea – CHECK

These are just a few of his favorite snacks and drinks! You could have so much fun with this and make a whole themed basket for him!

Something Handmade

You can almost always get away with giving him something that the kids made. My husband LOVES getting handmade gifts. Our twins are 18 months old, so he knows that they’re not “making” these gifts on their own just yet. He loves the fact that I have found these ideas, and made them into memories for him.

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