10 Best Toddler Books to Read Before Bedtime

BOARD BOOKS ARE LIFE! My toddlers still have a short attention span. So when it comes to a great bed time book, I’m always reading board books! The great thing about most of these books is that they can also come in a full picture book version as well. These books can grow with your children!

Here are some of our favorite bed time books!

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Goodnight Moon

A classic and one of our favorites, Goodnight moon is about a baby bunny basically saying goodnight to everything! This was my husband favorite book as a child, and now it has been passed down to our children! It is definitely a book you need to have on your bedtime story check list!

Good Night, Thomas

A bedtime book for children who love trains or Thomas The Tank Engine! Thomas finds himself on a short adventure to find a shooting star when he finds himself not being able to fall asleep! Our kids love it when we make the train noises that go along with Thomas chugging along!

If Animals Kissed Good Night

This is a fun thinking book! What exactly would happen if animals kissed goodnight like humans did?

The Going-To-Bed Book

We borrowed this book from the library, and ended up falling in love with it! These animals are living on an arc. What is their bedtime routine like? Read the story and find out!

If You Were My Bunny

This book is a great little lullaby story! On each page it talks about how different mama animals would take care of their little babies. It has lyrics to their own lullabies, and in the back of the book it tells you the tune to sing with each one!

Llama Llama Nighty-Night

Like “Llama Llama Red Pajama”, this story tells of the routine Llama Llama goes through every night, just as a shorter version! If your toddler is like my toddlers, short books are key for their attention span! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a nightly routine?!

On The Night You Were Born

This book celebrates your child, and is a beautiful story of things that happened when they were born. It is also beautifully illustrated.

Good Night, My Love

A very short flap book, that my kids have absolutely fallen in love with. We love to sing or make the animal noises that go along with each page. It is a simple, yet fun little book!

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

This is an adorable little book about a busy construction site getting ready to finish their day, and go to sleep. Even dump trucks get ready for bed!

How Do Dinosaurs Go To Sleep?

These books are so great! Every version! These dinosaurs have human parents, and do NOT want to go to bed. How will mom and dad get the ready for bed without any drama? Find out in this fun bedtime book!

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